Welcome to Nythe Pre-school! Where we learn to play, and play to learn. Providing sessions for pre-school children from 2-4 years old. 

Nythe Pre-school is an OFSTED registered, committee run pre-school, offering high quality flexible funded sessions and fee paying sessions for 2-4 year olds. We have a team of highly qualified staff who attend regular training to ensure they can offer the highest quality of care for the children that attend. Please use this website to explore our pre-school. Our Welcome Pack can be viewed here. If you require any more information, would like to come and take a look around, or you would like to register your child please contact us.

Upcoming events

Preschool re-opens on Wednesday 3rd September 9-12 only.

All enquires over the summer break should be emailed to nythepreschool@gmail.com  


Please see our events page for important dates

Our latest OFSTED inspection took place on September 24th 2013, please see the link for the full report:

Ofsted Report 2013

Contact Us Address: Nythe Pre-school,
Nythe Primary School Campus,
Nyland Road, Nythe,
Telephone 01793 642424